#TAG.01 The Roman Multiples

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Exhibition #TAG.01 The Roman Multiples

04/11/16 – 21/12/16

By Years 5&6

Private View: Thursday 3rd Nov 2016 / 5-7pm
Based on history topic ‘The Romans’.

Here, we take a leap back in time, way before the days of digital technologies and discover the nature of ‘selfies’ amongst the Imperial families of the Roman Empire when Augustus was forever young! The exhibition looks at the power of propaganda applied through art, architecture and coinage which secured public loyalty toward the ruling elite.

The exhibits include clay busts of the first 14 Roman Emperors and a collection of terracotta pottery. Cardboard capitals in relief illustrate the corinthian style of architecture and a collection of miniature cameos and coins created using embossing foils and polystyrene sheet capture the portraits and symbols of the ancient past.

To emphasise the ‘multiples’ we were extremely fortunate to have the support of London South Bank University, thanks to Gayhurst parent Susana Soares, who brought in a 3D printer for the children to understand the process of digital sculpture. Printed multiples of some of the children’s coin designs make an exciting addition to the collection of artefacts on display and introduce 3D printing as a modern day alternative to the Roman Mint.

Art Hoppers worked alongside the children from years 5 & 6 in bringing #TAG at Gayhurst School to life for this premier show, the first of three exhibitions to take place during the academic year 16/17.

Tapping into the history topic The Romans, Art Hoppers delivered a series of art sessions which brought about the exhibits in the gallery today. Each art session begins with a brief and interactive presentation leading to practical, hands-on art making. The activities reinforce and bring to life the topic the children have spent the last few weeks studying. In the case of this first exhibition, the children enjoyed a visit to the British Museum where they observed and drew ancient artefacts relevant to the content of this exhibition. The art sessions allow the children to present their achievements in learning in a visual and fun format.

Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Sadie Edginton & Amy Leung
Ceramicist / Pottery Technician: Joanna Turner (Gayhurst School)

Art Sessions

Practical, 3D art making in the classroom across 5 classes (Years 5&6) : Clay heads, terracotta pottery, Corinthian style capitals (cardboard relief), miniature cameos and Roman coins (embossing foils, card and polystyrene sheet).

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“At times it was challenging, working with the clay, but the results were great.”

Tray in Atlanta class

”I cannot wait for the gallery to open, we all feel like professional artists.”

Theo in Sydney class

“I didn’t know something so interesting could be made in, by us, in such a simple way.”

Aran in Sydney class


Photography of the exhibits contextualised within the gallery space. (photos: Pau Ros)

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”Art Hoppers was really fun! We made Ancient Roman Pottery. We worked in partners and together we made amazing pots fit for Emperors. It was really fun and I cannot wait to see our work in the gallery.”

Willow in Beijing class

“It was inspiring and now I want to be an artist.”

Zaheer in Munich class

”This was the first time I had worked with moulding clay and it was fun.” 

Harper in Atlanta class

The Opening

Documenting the private view and official opening of #TAG The Art Gallery at Gayhurst School. The children assumed roles to help manage the event such as Critic, Host, PR. Food by school chef Nicole Pisani. (photos: Nick Delaney)

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”It was so much fun and I had never seen a 3d printer before – that was cool.”

Hafsa in Sydney class

”I liked the 3D printing, it was fascinating.”

Jaylan in Sydney class

“I think Art Hoppers is a great opportunity for children, it was really fun with modelling and we even got to fit some learning in the art lesson. I just think it was amazing.”

Tiernan in Beijing class


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art hoppers
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