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Art Educator / Artist: Claire Ward-Thornton
Volunteer support: Güte Immelman

A Project by Art Hoppers
Commissioned by Gayhurst Community School with thanks to COGS


20/06/23 – 21/07/23

A whole school exhibition

Opening events:
Yr 1/2 + Reception: Tue 20 June, 4.30-6 pm
Yr 3/4: Wed 21 June, 4.30-6 pm
Yr 5/6: Thu 22 June, 4.30-6 pm

Tickets £5 each.
Purchase on Gayhurst Rd (double gate) on the night.
Children under 12 years go free.

The Summer Show 2023 is opening in #TAG – The Art Gallery at Gayhurst School. A whole school exhibition showcasing Young, Emerging Artists in Hackney – YEAH!

Unlike previous exhibitions, this show expands beyond the gallery walls onto classroom display panels curated by teachers. Children will be leading guided tours over the three storeys of the school building, sharing their knowledge and creative flair on route.

Art Hoppers’ art sessions this year were designed to complement Gayhurst’s new, dedicated art curriculum. Grounded in the seven visual elements of art, children explored line, shape, tone, colour, texture, space and form through references to art history. The gallery artworks celebrate Rembrandt, Cezanne and Kandinsky whilst sketchbooks can be viewed on the guided tour.


Yr 5/6 : Rembrandt – Baroque period

Yr 3/4 : Cezanne – Post Impressionism

Yr 1/2 + Reception : Kandinsky – Expressionism

Art Delivery – The Classroom

Pupil Artworks

Gallery Opening

Pupil Testimonials

Abstraction: “It’s when you take a drawing that looks normal and then you take the shapes that you can see in the drawing and you reorganise them in different ways. You don’t take the proper thing that you can see, you just take some shapes from that.”  Mora, 2P

Abstraction: “It’s when you look into your mind and see shapes and organic lines and you order them in a different way on the paper.”
Gael, 2P  

“My favourite part was when we printed with the stencils because you splodged the paint on and when you took it off it was an amazing picture.”
Wren, 2L

Art lessons: “I found it very like Kandinsky because he basically drew to music and that’s what we did.” – Leon, 2P

art hoppers
art hoppers
TAG is kindly supported by COGS
(Community of Gayhurst School)
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