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Supported by Gayhurst Community School

Exhibition #TAG.03 Stand Up!

08/06/17 – 14/07/17

By Years 1&2

Private View: Thursday 8th June 2017 / 5-7pm (Election Day!)
Based on history topic ‘People of the past: Emily Davison & Rosa Parks’.

Pivotal moments in history shape the future. Occasionally, one person takes a stand and shows exceptional commitment against social injustice. Their actions challenge the status quo and have the power to change opinion and eventually law. Emily Davison and Rosa Parks were two such women whose passion and determination transformed the world today and our lives forever. As we look to the future, they remind us to proudly stand up for what we believe in and to rigorously protect the liberties we now freely enjoy as a result of their past efforts.

Years 1&2 learned the historical and social importance of the life of Emily Davison and the Suffragettes in London plus that of Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement in Alabama, USA. Through the art project we reviewed the impact of both womens’ actions and discussed the importance of fairness and human rights today. The creative angle we took in making art based on this topic was through the idea of balance, harmony and the quest for equilibrium in society.

We looked at the mobile, kinetic works of American artist Alexander Calder. The mural like power dress, namely ‘Urban Wall Suit’ of Jae Jarrell, cofounder of COBRA (Coalition of Black Revolutionary Artists) in America. The public, contemporary artworks of Korean artist Do-Ho-Suh. Plus the collaborative approach to Anthony Gormley’s ‘Field’ installation. These artists offered inspiration for our exhibition both in terms of the physical / structural appearances of their artworks, the ideas / social political influences and the creative motivations of their artistic practice.

Year 1&2 exhibits include a mobile with images of photos and newspaper cuttings applied using a print transfer technique giving a worn and historical appearance to the stories of both women’s fight. A giant pendulum painting on canvas panels is inspired by Suffragette board games which incorporate a spiral design such as ‘Pank-a-Squith’. A community of clay characters stand in front of the pendulum painting. Graphic diagrams designed using colourful tapes on plastic sheet describe various social structures. Finally a collection of foil and wire figures in various balancing postures and painted in pop colours, celebrate our freedoms.

Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton & Sadie Edginton
Supporting Artist: Alex McKenzie

Art Sessions

Practical art making in the classroom across 5 classes (Years 1&2): Pendulum painting, clay figures, foil and wire figures later dipped in paint, social diagrams using various tapes plus a print transfer technique using photocopies on canvas.

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“What was great about Emily Davison and Rosa Parks was that they never gave up” 
Rainer, Barcelona class

“I wound stand up for equal rights, not just where I am but all over the world”
Ciaran, Moscow class

“I enjoyed making the smaller pendulums in class – it’s different from what we’ve done before” 
Lola, Moscow class

“I enjoyed the way that we all got to get a bit messy and we all got to have a go at everything”
Sarah, Moscow class


Photography of the exhibits contextualised within the #TAG space. (Photos: Pau Ros) : Large pendulum painting in 6 panels. Community of clay figures. 5 social mapping diagrams using tape on clear plastic sheet. A mobile whose elements were created using a photo transfer technique. A collection of balancing figures made using foil, wire and dipped in paint.

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The Opening

Photography of the Private View for #TAG.03 ‘STAND UP!’ Photos: Pau Ros (more images soon…). The exhibition opened on the day of the UK #GeneralElection2017. The children assumed roles such as Critic, Host, PR. Food by school chef Nicole Pisani.

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