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Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Sadie Edginton & Emily Bold.

A Project by Art Hoppers
In partnership with Gayhurst Community School
Supported by COGS (Community of Gayhurst School)

EXHIBITION #TAG.18 | Metamorphosis

06.06.24 – 28.06.24

Years 1&2

Private View: Wednesday 6th June 2024 / 4.30-6 pm
Informed by science topic: Plants & Life Cycles

Tickets £5 each.
Purchase on the night at Gayhurst Rd (double school gate).
Children under 12 years go free.

A tiny egg hatches to release a larva which has a lot of work to do in order to enlarge up to one hundred times it’s size! It eats enough leaves to outgrow and shed its skin several times. When quite full it hangs upside down, molts one last time and enters the pupa stage. Safely cacooned within the chrysalis a dramatic transformation occurs until the casing cracks open at which point, a new creature will emerge.

Join years 1&2 + Reception in their exhibition opening at #TAG to discover the magic of metamorphosis. Observational skills, scientific knowledge and creative flair combine culminating in exciting works of art which involve materials and techniques that have undergone changing states themselves.

An ode to Maria Sibylla Merian an entomologist, naturalist and scientific illustrator who in the 17th century, observed evidence of the process of metamorphosis and shared it through art.

Art activities in each class:

  • RK – Flower Pressing / Observational drawing.
  • 2P – Make craft: caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly artefacts.
  • 1G – Cyanotypes / Observational drawing.
  • 1V – Clay moulds / Plaster casts.
  • 2L – Make craft: Paper flowers.
  • RLC – Observational drawing / botanical painting.
  • 2S- Make craft: paper flowers.

Exhibition Opening

Classroom – Art Delivery

Student Testimonials

“I liked painting the magic paint in the dark and how it would change colour.”

Vita 1G

“It was satisfying scrunching the petals and making the pollen.”

Eddie 2S

“My favourite part was making the caterpillar because it was like we were making a dress for it when we wrapped the wool around the foam.”

Mae 2P

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art hoppers
TAG is kindly supported by COGS
(Community of Gayhurst School)
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