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Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Sadie Edginton & Emily Bold

A Project by Art Hoppers
Supported by Gayhurst Community School

EXHIBITION #TAG.16 | *light

14.12.23 – 02.02.24

Years 5&6

Private View: Thursday 14 December 2023 / 4.30-6pm
Based on science topic: ‘Light’

Tickets £5 each.
Purchase on the night at Gayhurst Rd (double school gate).
Children under 12 years go free.

How do we explain the fact that large chunks of what we see with white light go missing when we look through a colour filter? Why is it that the moon appears to have a different shape every night of each calendar month?

Join years 5&6 in their exhibition opening at #TAG to discover the surprising effects of light, its properties of colour and its power to illuminate how, what and when we see the world around us…

Marvel at the cosmic reflections caused by a pyramid of mirrors. Learn how translucent shapes glow when they align with the spot light. Find the answer as to why white paper appears to emit soft, pastel shades when no visible colour on its surface exits.

Art activities in each class:

5R – 3D modular forms reflecting neon colour. Artist inspiration: Rana Begum

5S – Kinetic mobiles with translucent shapes on wires. Artist inspiration: Alexander Calder

5/6W – Modelling the lunar cycle / Printing a lunar alphabet. Artist inspiration: Leandro Katz

6C – Colour filters RGB reveal transparent tissue paper collage. Artist inspiration: Carnovsky

6J – Kaleidoscope paintings, symmetry. Artist inspiration: Damien Hirst

Classroom – Art Delivery

Exhibition Opening

Photos: Nana Varveropoulou

Student Testimonials

There are lots of different light sources but some objects reflect the light and create an illusion like the moon.” Lola M, 5W

“Different angles (of light) means different perceptions.”
Muhammad, 5W

“When light hits a colour in the sunlight it reflects that colour.”
Samir, 5R

“My fav part was making the best mobile of my life with my bestie” Aya, 5S

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art hoppers
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