#TAG.12 Jason's Quest

A Project by Art Hoppers
Supported by Gayhurst Community School

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Art Educators / Artists:
Claire Ward-Thornton / Sadie Edignton

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Exhibition #TAG.12

30.06.21 – 16.07.21

Years 3&4

Private View: Wednesday 30 June 2021, 5-7pm

Based on history topic: ‘Ancient Greece’

Jason and his rugged crew aboard the Argo face unearthly challenges in their quest to win the golden fleece. We can’t or I’m tired are simply not options for these fearless adventurers. With the experience of gruesome perils behind them and the trusted aid of Hera, the Argonauts reach Colchis for Jason to finally have the fleece within his grasp. Still, this is not the end of the journey for our hero and his surviving shipmates. They venture onward and after days at sea, decide to take respite in Crete. Here, yet another challenge will test their metal. Meet Talos, the giant bronze automaton whose only purpose is to protect the island from invaders. Sadly, he doesn’t like visitors!

Year 3&4 were excited to study the epic greek myth of ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ for their ancient greek history topic. Art Hoppers, Hackney art ed organisation divided the art sessions up into themes looking at different chapters of the narrative. Children made a diverse range of artworks which illustrate the sense of adventure and the diverse range of characters as the story plays out.

The art techniques that were applied in each class include:

3/4A – Assembling and decorating kinetic characters for dioramas

3R – Painting symmetrical designs for mobile Harpies

3S – Drawing the Argonauts + painting the Argo & clashing rocks

4L – Textural work + metallic painting effect inspired by Michael Ayrton Talos sculpture

4S – Constructing automata boxes + watercolour painting

The majority of the artworks are interactive with moving parts that slide, rotate, pull and push. Adults and children engaged with the artworks and enjoyed seeing the full potential of the children’s creations. It felt as though we were in an exciting toy shop!

Student Testimonials

“I liked making the fiery oxen because they were really fun to decorate and make the fire coming out of their mouth.” 

Neneh, 3/4A

“I really enjoyed creating the images on the cardboard, cutting out the shapes and sticking them on. When we put the foil on, it really stands out and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result of Talos!” 

Maro, 4L

“I liked learning how to paint symmetrical patterns on both sides of the harpies wings. My favourite part was when I covered the wings with gold paint because it felt nice stroking the cardboard.” 

Lola, 3R

“I truly loved this experience. It’s really cool how the harpies we made are mobile. All the new techniques I learnt were really cool. I hope you take a look!” 

Remi, 3R


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