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A Project by Art Hoppers
Supported by Gayhurst Community School
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Exhibition #TAG.06 “Hooplah!”

07/06/18 – 20/07/18

By Reception, Years 1&2

Private View: Thursday 07 June 2018
Based on geography topic: The Circus

Tickets £3 each
Buy from school reception/entrance on the night
Children under 12 years free

2018 marks 250 years since the founding of circus in the UK. Philip Astley a horse rider, businessman and inventor is known to have set the circus in it’s stride when he drew a circle in a patch of land near Waterloo and filled it with performers. Circus from across the globe inspires, entertains and thrills family audiences. From custard pie throwing to dare devil fire eating – What skills would you bring to the ring? Visit our exhibition for ideas.

Hooplah!” is a beautiful art exhibition by KS1 children at Gayhurst Primary School including reception and years 1&2. The children looked at individual circus characters and their roles, performance skills, playful antics, audience responses plus the visual language of the circus universe through costume, props and graphic design.

Children studied circus from around the world and enjoyed learning about the cultural identities of different companies. As a travelling show, students learnt where companies toured from and to studying the world map and identifying the seven continents. Animal welfare and changing cultural attitudes toward the care and safety of animals was an important area of discussion. Issues around social change and acceptance related to body art for example were interesting to reflect on – Tattoos which were shocking and unusual in the past are ‘on trend!’ and commonplace today.

t: 020 7254 6138 / e: admin@gayhurst.hackney.sch.uk

Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Isha Bohling & Johanna Valeur.

Publicity image by Pau Ros

Art Sessions

8 classes received creative sessions from Art Hoppers:
Print design, face painting, performing for camera, wire sculpting, egg painting, pattern repeats, drawing & collage and poster art.

“I loved painting my partners face it was super cool.”

Roman, RH

“Monique (class teacher) was so shocked when I splatted her with the cream pie. It was hilarious!”

Danyaal, RA

“I learnt that it doesn’t matter what the end product looks like as long as you’ve had a go!”

Otis, 2N

“Seeing people laugh makes me laugh.”

Alice, RA


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It was epic and we learnt more about the circus.”
Chidu, 2M

When we drew the continents, I liked that Claire timed us because it made it a challenge.

Cally, 2M

I thought the way you could customise your own clown was really fun
Dulcie, 2N

“I enjoyed looking at the character after playing Exquisite Corpse, mine looked like a juggler from the Moscow circus.
Gabriel, 1Q


Opening event: 07/06/2018 – Food by Gayhurst school kitchen, see charity ‘Chefs in Schools

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