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Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Sadie Edginton & Emily Bold.

A Project by Art Hoppers
Supported by Gayhurst Community School

EXHIBITION #TAG.17 | Breathe.

27.03.24 – 19.04.24

Years 3&4

Private View: Wednesday 27th March 2024 / 4.30-6pm
Informed by geography topic: Rainforest.

Tickets £5 each.
Purchase on the night at Gayhurst Rd (double school gate).
Children under 12 years go free.

The Amazon rain forest is often referred to as the lungs of planet Earth. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees give out oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, working hard to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. The absorption of heat and light from the sun also helps to regulate temperatures and maintain weather patterns around the world to ensure the climate remains stable.

Multiple species of plants and animals thrive in this dense wilderness presenting life at it’s fullest and nature at it’s best. Discover the animals which live here and the layers of the forest which they inhabit coded by the background colour of the children’s illustrations.

Children learnt about the importance of the rainforest as a vital part of our natural eco system. Pupils became aware of the ongoing threat to life on Earth through deforestation, expressed their concerns regarding climate change and felt passionate to make positive change.

For our art project, we wanted to recreate the sensory feeling of being inside the rainforest and celebrate the life and abundance of this environment. Children created paper based leaves and flowers which thrive within the different layers of the forest. We were mindful to recycle and upcycle paper stock where possible. Pre-used cardboard boxes were collected for painting on, recycled paper and a donation of two paper rolls to the project were used rather than scrapped. With the expert guidance of Lidka, the Head Gardener, we were able to add cuttings from various plants which needed pruning.

A project by Art Hoppers.

Supported by Gayhurst Community School.

Art activities in each class:

  • 3C – Heliconia Lobster Claw: Make paper flowers / Paint cardboard leaves.
  • 3E – Kapok tree: Paint bark texture using a crackle paint technique / Illustrate animals.
  • 3/4M – Bromeliad: Make paper plants.
  • 4D – Forest canopy: Create stencils of mango leaves and ivy, print onto fabric.
  • 4E – Cheese plant: draw the leaves, enlarge using a grid. Cut out and structure with willow.

Exhibition Opening

Student Testimonials

“I hope the exhibition inspires visitors to create other chances to learn important things through art.”

Mickey, 3E

“I liked learning to do the sketching of the animals because I think it will be useful in the future.”

Jasper, 3E

“I liked creating the effects on the cardboard to make the bark.”

Miray, 3E

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art hoppers
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