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Art Educators / Artists: Claire Ward-Thornton, Johanna Valeur, Sophie Cornish-Keefe

A Project by Art Hoppers Supported by Gayhurst Community School


09/06/22 – 01/07/22

Years 3&4

Private View: Thursday 09 June 2022 / 5-7pm
Based on geography topic: ‘Active Planet’

Tickets £5 each.
Purchase on Gayhurst Rd (double gate) on the night.
Children under 12 years go free.

On the surface, everyday life could seem calm and reliably familiar but far below the outer crust, planet Earth tells a story of epic proportions!

Join year 3&4 in celebrating their latest exhibition in #TAG – The Art Gallery at Gayhurst School. Discover children’s creative take on a planet in flux from shifting tectonic plates to active volcanoes. Enjoy artworks which respond to movement and others which capture energy in a frozen sculptural form!

Art activities in each class:

3L – Molten wax plunged into cold water – Exploring sculptural forms
4J – Scaling up using the grid system / crackle painting
3M – Paint pouring / pattern making
4D – Seismograph drawing machines – Experiments in kinetic drawing
3/4M – Mapping contour lines – 3D Volumes

Artworks were inspired by artist Holton Rower, Pascal Smelik, and photographer Luis Manuel Vilariño Lopez, re: his photo of Volcano Geldingadalir for the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards.

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Student Testimonials

It was exciting when I made the first piece [wax sculpture] because I was really proud of myself for creating something I had never done before! – Keira, 3L

“When the hot wax exploded out of the cup, it looked just like a volcano erupting!” Rashan, 3L

“I liked how we approached the project step by step and worked together as a class. It was very interesting.” Haley, 4D

“I think it’s cool how the separate paintings will come together to make one.” Natty, 4J

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art hoppers
TAG is kindly supported by COGS
(Community of Gayhurst School)
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