Auction of #TAG exhibits – children’s artworks
Saturday 6th July, 12 – 4 pm,
(exact time of auction TBC)
Summer Fair, Gayhurst School

The Art Auction is a COGS fundraising initiative
run in partnership with TAG

#TAG Art Auction

Gayhurst School has a strong community of parents who work hard to ensure the education of their children is the best it can be.

COGS organise and deliver incredible fundraising events across the academic year which support educational activities at Gayhurst including the art programme we are able to provide in partnership with the school through the #TAG project.

We’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the families involved in COGS and the wider Gayhurst community who continue to support The Art Gallery at Gayhurst! We completely trust in your children’s creative powers, of which there are many. They repeatedly reaffirm the positive value of art in education and bring an abundance of happiness to the art sessions with us. It’s a joy to work with your young artists.

The Art Auction was an idea put to us by COGS as a potential fundraiser.

We loved the idea as it’s another opportunity to celebrate the children’s talents and remember the multitude of artworks that have passed through the gallery after 3 years and 9 exhibitions of history and geography inspired creations.

Many of the artworks were made by pairs of children or in small groups, so finding a home for each piece is no easy task. Pieces in the auction catalogue will be open to the highest bidder from Roman busts to recycled plastic lighting design. All income raised will be donated to the school.

Other collaborative artworks from previous exhibitions will be going up in the school building over the Summer break extending the public life of the works and promoting the creative skills of the students for visitors to appreciate.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the Summer Fair and hope you enjoy the fun of the Art Auction during the afternoon of Saturday 6th July.

Catalogue of artworks

Click the following link:

Auction Catalogue July2019

The Catalogue lists the artworks up for auction according to the exhibition from which they belong. Each section begins with the publicity leaflet of the relevant #TAG show. These are listed chronologically i.e from #TAG01 – The Roman Multiples to #TAG09 – Holiday O’Clock! NOTE: Not all exhibitions are represented here. The artworks have been given a ‘lot’ number, in some cases there is more than one image for each lot.

art hoppers
art hoppers
TAG is kindly supported by COGS
(Community of Gayhurst School)
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