About #TAG at Gayhurst

When did #TAG open?

Officially at its premier show on Thursday 3rd November 2016

What does #TAG hope to achieve?

Three exhibitions will be designed to enhance children’s understanding of the curriculum and provide a serious platform for the showcase of both their creative talents and their academic achievements. The gallery aims to be positively aspirational. We’d like to give Gayhurst children’s artwork a serious platform for thought, debate and appreciation, elevating their creativity, boosting their self-confidence and bringing the school community together through the enjoyment and pride this will bring.

Is there a theme for the Gallery?

The theme across this academic year 16/17 is ‘Individual and Collective’ addressing relevant individuals and communities within the subject matter of the selected topics along with the individual pupils / artists and group shows which make up our annual, artistic programme.

Why the name #TAG?

#TAG an acronym of The Art Gallery. The association with the playground game of chase from days gone by seemed particularly apt for a gallery in a school playground. #TAG is simple and playful. Bringing us more up to date, the name plays into contemporary habits around the use of social platforms – the hash symbol being very much a part of digital culture today and directly associated with communication and the sharing of information. Time to #TAG.

When / What will be exhibited?

Working in the following phases, #TAG will promote three, public art exhibitions which take inspiration from the children’s topics as laid out in the school curriculum during each term.

Term Phase Topic
Years 5/6 The Great, The Bold and The Brave: The Romans
Years 3/4 Different Places, Similar Lives: Spain
Years 1/2 People of the Past: Rosa Parks, Emily Davison

Years 5/5 Windrush and Us

See Exhibitions page for more info.

What are the aims?

#TAG will:

  • Contextualise Gayhurst School Curriculum 2016 / 17 through art
  • Broaden pupils understanding of what art is and it’s role in society
  • Enhance pupils communication skills and encourage creative problem-solving
  • Expose learners to new art techniques and materials
  • Elevate the children’s creative talents through a high-quality display/presentation
  • Create happiness, colour and joy through memorable community experiences
  • Attain tangible cultural capital for Gayhurst School
  • Document and archive this cultural capital online through a bespoke website and social platforms
art hoppers
art hoppers
TAG is kindly supported by COGS
(Community of Gayhurst School)
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