#TAG.09 Holiday O'Clock!

Based on geography topic: ‘Holidays’


Based on history topic: ‘Ancient Greece’


Based on geography topic: ‘Going Global’


Based on geography topic: The Circus


Ancient Egypt: Temples, Tombs and Treasures

#TAG.04 Threads of HOPE

The Empire Windrush & Us


Opens on Election Day

#TAG.02 El Surrealsimo

Award Winning FUTURE ARTISTS #ArtsKickersAwards2017

Welcome to #TAG

The Art gallery at Gayhurst School

#TAG is a gallery quality art space within the grounds of Gayhurst Community School designed specifically as a showcase ‘venue’ for the exhibition of pupils’ artworks.

#TAG has the unique offering of being initiated and managed by local, practicing artists and art educators – Art Hoppers. Art Hoppers have been commissioned by Gayhurst Community School to deliver a year-long artist residency, working with year groups 1 – 6 across the academic year.

Three exhibitions are programmed, one each term, based on the results of artistic workshops delivered by Art Hoppers in response to Curricular Topics.

To find out more about Art Hoppers work, please visit www.arthoppers.co.uk

Made by Children

Three exhibitions will be designed to enhance children’s understanding of the curriculum and provide a serious platform for the showcase of both their creative talents and their academic achievements.

Made for Children

We’d like to give Gayhurst children’s artwork a serious platform for thought, debate and appreciation, elevating their creativity, boosting their self-confidence and bringing the school community together through the enjoyment and pride this will bring.

Next Exhibit Opens in








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#TAG is commissioned by Gayhurst Community School
Conceived / Delivered by Art Hoppers
Supported by London South Bank University
art hoppers
art hoppers
TAG is kindly supported by COGS
(Community of Gayhurst School)
gayhurst community school

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